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Multi-Use Path Project: Towne Lake Parkway, Parkside Lane, and Towne Lake Hills South Drive

Cherokee County is currently underway with Phase I of the installation of a multi-use path that will run for about three miles along the south and west sides of Parkside Lane and Towne Lake Parkway from Towne Lake Hills South Drive to Bells Ferry Road.


The path will be at least eight feet wide, constructed of concrete and located within the existing roadway right-of-way, separated from vehicle traffic by a double-faced guardrail.

The construction of the path is separated into four (4) Phases, with Phase 1 having started in September 2021 and anticipated to be completed by March 2022.  It is currently expected that Phase 2 will begin in late 2022, with no dates currently set for the start of Phases 3 and 4.

The full details of the plan are available below:

Towne Lake Residential Owners Association
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