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Towne Lake was formed in 1989 as a premier mix-use development of nearly 7,000 Residential Units/Lots and 182 Commercial Properties consisting of nearly 500 businesses. The Towne Lake Residential Owners Association (ROA) and the Towne Lake Commercial Owners Association (COA) were incorporated to tie the 20 residential developments and commercial owners into an organization for the common good of all its owners.

In the late 1990’s, the ROA planned and installed the landscape designs for the final widening of Towne Lake Parkway from I-575 to Eagle Drive. In 2001, the ROA began the replacement of the “wood” Towne Lake Monuments and replacing them with a more permanent and prominent brick monument. In addition, the ROA began a program of improving the Monument landscaping and eventually began an overhaul of the landscaping from I-575 to Bells Ferry. Though the Towne Lake Development was designed to become a Premier Development, the developer did not spend excessive funds and effort in laying out a well-designed landscape presentation along the Towne Lake parkways. Since 2001, the ROA has begun the process of improving the landscaping throughout the parkways and drives; and in 2010, the various community presidents took the position of significantly supporting major improvements and funding to achieve the image that would keep Towne Lake a premier development. Currently, the ROA is in the middle of a 15+ year improvement plan and the results have been so well received that the member presidents sought and approved a Special Assessment so that the projects could be accelerated and impact more homeowners in less time.


In the past 16 years, the Towne Lake ROA has quadrupled the formal flower beds at its newly constructed monuments, improved the lighting so that the monuments and the flowers are visible at night, and began maintaining the approaches to Towne Lake in an effort to convince businesses and residential buyers that Towne Lake is the place they should invest their monies. In addition, the ROA worked with the various governments to get new traffic lights requested by Members and denied, move traffic lights poles from subdivision monument areas to a place less visible and distracting to the entrances of its Members, and bringing more tax dollars back to the development when major streets and subdivision streets needed paving and a multi-use path where a sidewalk was once promised and then scrapped.


Most of these improvements were made possible by the efforts of the ROA property manager in convincing the City of Woodstock and Cherokee County governments to take on the financial responsibility for the electrical service to the street lights of its parkways. This 2001-2002 campaign secured an annual savings of $52,000 to the ROA and $832,000 in the 16 years it has been in effect. Improvements made with these funds have meant more in property value growth than just this base number.


In 2015-2016, the efforts of the Towne Lake ROA and its Member Presidents were rewarded for these efforts when it was announced by the media that Towne Lake was a TOP 5 Premier Development within Metro Atlanta.

Towne Lake Residential Owners Association
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